Banetti SmartStart KPI’s: A Sampling

SmartStart provides pre-configured key performance indicators (KPIs)–and their UI–that keep track of asset status and can trigger actions based on changes in that status. For example, changes in the status of work orders, service desk tickets or purchase orders, can automatically generate a notification or a report or cause other actions to occur at any part of the asset workflow.

Select the ‘+’ below to see examples of some of the dozens of available, pre-configured KPI’s we provide with SmartStart.

Cost Management

KPI Name Type (Pct/Decimal) Formula
Users Decimal Active Users / Total Licenses
Labor Cost Decimal Labor cost in CMMS / Financial Labor Cost
Material Cost Decimal Material Cost in CMMS / Material Cost from Finance
Contractor Cost Decimal Contracting cost in CMMS / Contractor cost from Finance
Captured Cost Decimal Cost of maintenance charged to equip / Total maintenance cost
Cost Savings with increased PM Decimal Current Cost / Previous Cost


KPI Name Type (Pct/Decimal) Formula
OEE Downtime / Scheduled Time, Output / Design Output, Production-Defects / Total Production
Asset Availability PCT Asset uptime / total hours
Root Cause Failures PCT Number of failures with a RCFA / Total failures
Critical Equip PM PCT Crit Equip with PM / Total Equip
Critical Equip Invy PCT Crit Equip with Invy / Total Equip


Unfilled Orders

KPI Name Type (Pct/Decimal) Formula
Inventory Ratio Decimal Amount of Stores Used / Total Inventory
PCT Orders unfilled on demand / Total Items Requested
Filled Orders PCT Orders filled on demand Total items requested
Rush Order PCT Rushed POs / Total POs
Inactive Inventory PCT Inactive Stock Items / Total stock items
Controlled inventory PCT Value of controlled inventory / Total inventory value on hand
Single line POs PCT Single line POs / Total POs
Spot buys PCT Charged or spot transactions / Total material cost


KPI Name Type (Pct/Decimal) Formula
Training Dollars Decimal Training Dollars / Number of Employees
Training Time Decimal Hours of Training / Total hours

Maintenance Audits

KPI Name Type (Pct/Decimal) Formula
PM Audit PCT PMs Audited / Total work
PdM Audit PCT PdM Audited / Total work


KPI Name Type (Pct/Decimal) Formula
Planned Work PCT Work orders planned / Total Work Orders
Scheduled Work PCT Hours scheduled / Hours worked
Estimated vs Actual PCT Estimated Scheduled Hours / Total Hours Charged
Completed Work PCT Work Orders Complete / Total Work
Exceeds Cost PCT Work Complete over cost / Total Work
Overdue Work PCT Work Overdue / Total Work
Planned labor cost PCT Maintenance labor planned / Total labor
Planned material cost PCT Maintenance material planned / Total material
Planners Decimal Maintenance FTE / Planners

Predictive Maintenance

KPI Name Type (Pct/Decimal) Formula
PdM hours PCT Hours of PdM / Total hours
PdM cost PCT PdM cost / Total cost
Breakdown Downtime PCT Downtime by Breakdown / Total Downtime
Emergency Work Hours PCT Emergency work hours / Total work hours
Breakdown Repair Cost PCT Cost of Breakdown Work / Total Maintenance Cost
Overtime Cost PCT Overtime Hours / Total Hours
Work awaiting material PCT Work order awaiting material / Total Work Orders
Uptime PCT Desired Uptime-Downtime / Uptime
PM Completion PCT PM Complete / Total PM
Overdue PMs PCT Number of overdue PMs / Total Outstanding PMs
PM Cost PCT Estimated PM Cost / Actual PM Cost
PM Deficiencies Found PCT Work Orders generated from PM Inspections / Total work generated

Work Management

KPI Name Type (Pct/Decimal) Formula
Emergency Work PCT Emergency Work / Total Work
Corrective Work PCT Corrective Work / Total Work
Preventive Work PCT Preventive Maintenance / Total Work
Predictive Work PCT Predictive Work / Total Work
Downtime PCT Reported WO downtime / Total downtime
Standing Work PCT Labor on standing WO / Total Labor
Standing Material PCT Material on standard WO / Total material cost
Wrench time PCT Hours on work / total hours
Service Reqs to work Decimal Number of requests to work / Total request
Absenteeism PCT
Safety Incidents Decimal
Environmental Incidents Decimal