Maximo SaaS

IBM offers a public Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). On balance, Banetti believes the better approach is a private, Maximo cloud under your full control.  This is especially true for regulated industries or where security is a principal concern. Here we contrast the two approaches.

IBM Maximo Software-as-a-ServiceMaximo Private Cloud by Banetti
CONTROLShared infrastructure means you are running on the same servers as many other companies.You have your own hardware instances, segregated from other companies.
DATAYour data is part of a broader, underlying database where the only separation between your data and another company’s is managed by softwareYour database is completely private to your users.
SOFTWARE UPGRADESBecause you share everything with all other users, both Maximo software and “stack software” will be upgraded, updated and patched, as determined by IBM. This could have significant impact on functionality, bugs/errors and performance.You determine, in your sole discretion, when and how to introduce patches and upgrades.
INTEGRATIONSBecause you are dependent on the current APIs and software IBM provides, you can only offer limited kinds of integrations and customizations.Because your instances are private to you, you have full flexibility on customizations and integrations.
QUALITYIBM is relying on their new acquisition SoftLayer to provide their software as a service. SoftLayer is a robust, capable and reliable provider.Your Maximo Private Cloud will also be hosted by SoftLayer.