The Problem with Pricing


The Maximo EAM Pricing Challenge

IBM publishes a veritable “Rubic’s Cube” of licensing fees and costs. Resellers’ pricing can vary by thousands of dollars per user, per year.

Lots of specific issues can affect vendor pricing for Maximo and its various components:

  • On-premises vs private cloud vs SaaS.
  • Industry-specific requirements.
  • Upgrades, technical support & training.
  • User access requirements.
  • Mobility.

Banetti Simplifies the Equation

SmartStart Rubic's Cube

Banetti solves the EAM pricing puzzle with SmartStart.

To make things simpler, we created Banetti SmartStart.

With SmartStart, Banetti consolidates everything you need to get Maximo EAM up & running in your own private cloud for one all-inclusive price-per-user. This price-per-user model gives everything you need. We don’t quibble and we don’t tack on hidden charges. You can scale the number of users up or down: you pay for what you use.

In an apples-to-apples comparison, we guarantee the lowest possible cost.

We don’t want to sound mysterious : Banetti has performed lots of Maximo EAM deployments over the years. From this experience, we built a methodology and pricing strategy that’s been tested again and again.