Banetti Executive Seminars Series

Headed by Banetti’s experienced senior leadership, this workshop is intended for company execs who own P&L. We will explore how EAM will increase profits and ultimately, increase revenues, while decreasing risk and ensuring customers’ satisfaction (e.g. ensuring reliable production-to-inventory).

We will take a holistic perspective of asset management as it applies to complex, resource- and asset-driven production. This workshop is particularly appropriate where such resources and assets represent the core products a company produces.

Banetti University

We offer a variety of workshops and training through Banetti University.

  • Maximo Tech for Execs
  • Maximo Inventory Management
  • Maximo & Purchasing
  • Fundamentals of Reliability
  • Reporting & Analytics for EAM
  • Total Asset Intelligence


  • CEO (& COO, president(s), business heads)
  • CFO (& Finance leadership)
  • CIO (& IT leadership)
  • Chief Compliance Officer
  • Operations Chief(s)


A deep dive, interactive workshop on how EAM, reliability and total asset intelligence can be leveraged across the entire organization.


1-5 days

(depending on the number & depth of topics selected)


  • EAM Company-wide Impact

    Learner will be able to describe and leverage the EAM system to improve company profits, cost savings, compliance and efficiency from his or her own area of responsibility. Using a hands-on, simulation approach, we will look carefully at cross-functional impact on efficiency and success overall.

  • Analytics Drive Profit

    Learner will understand how the EAM system can generate reports and data analytics to serve company goals. We will look at reports that serve corporate financial interests and compliance, in particular, as well as preventive and reliability-centric metrics that can head off shortages and margin-erosion.

  • Bottom Line Impact

    Learner will be able to articulate, describe and follow the life cycle management process from the key, company-driving metrics: fiscal revenue, fiscal cost-savings, fiscal cost avoidance, legal and regulatory compliance mechanisms and (as appropriate) sustainability goals.

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